Voj8 Bet’s eSports Betting Options

Voj8 Bet offers a wide range of eSports betting options for enthusiasts looking to engage in exciting and competitive gaming. This instructional guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of accessing and placing eSports bets on the Voj8 cassino platform. Whether you’re new to eSports betting or an experienced bettor, this guide will help you navigate the options and make informed wagers.

Table of Contents:

  1. Accessing eSports Betting 1.1 Create or Log In to Your Voj8 Bet Account 1.2 Navigate to the eSports Section
  2. Choosing an eSports Event 2.1 Browse Available eSports Events 2.2 Select Your Desired Tournament or Match
  3. Understanding Betting Markets 3.1 Match Winner 3.2 Map Winner 3.3 Total Maps Played 3.4 Handicap Betting 3.5 First Blood 3.6 Player Performance
  4. Placing an eSports Bet 4.1 Select Your Betting Market 4.2 Choose Your Wager Type (Single or Accumulator) 4.3 Enter Your Stake Amount 4.4 Review and Confirm Your Bet Slip
  5. Managing Your eSports Bets 5.1 Monitor Your Bets 5.2 Cash Out Options 5.3 Set Betting Limits and Responsible Gambling
  6. Accessing eSports Betting:

1.1 Create or Log In to Your Voj8 Bet Account: If you’re a new user, create an account on the Voj8 Bet website. If you’re an existing user, log in using your credentials.

1.2 Navigate to the eSports Section: Find the “eSports” or “eSports Betting” section in the main navigation menu. Click on it to access the available eSports betting options.

  1. Choosing an eSports Event:

2.1 Browse Available eSports Events: Explore the available eSports events or tournaments list. You can typically find popular games like League of Legends (LoL), Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), Dota 2, Overwatch, and more.

2.2 Select Your Desired Tournament or Match: Click on the specific tournament or match that interests you. This will display the available betting markets for that event.

  1. Understanding Betting Markets:

3.1 Match Winner: This bet requires selecting the team or player you believe will win the match.

3.2 Map Winner: Some eSports games consist of multiple maps or rounds. You can bet on the team or player winning a particular map here.

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3.3 Total Maps Played: Predict the total number of maps that will be played in a match. The options usually include over/under a specific number of maps.

3.4 Handicap Betting: Handicap betting allows you to place wagers on a team or player with a handicap advantage or disadvantage. This helps balance the odds between competing teams.

3.5 First Blood: This bet involves predicting which team or player will score the first kill in a match or round.

3.6 Player Performance: Some markets focus on individual player performance, allowing you to bet on metrics like kills, assists, or other in-game achievements.

  1. Placing an eSports Bet:

4.1 Select Your Betting Market: Choose the specific betting market you want to wager on within the selected eSports event.

4.2 Choose Your Wager Type (Single or Accumulator): Decide whether to place a single bet on a specific outcome or create an accumulator by combining multiple bets from different events.

4.3 Enter Your Stake Amount: Specify how much you want to wager on the selected outcome.

4.4 Review and Confirm Your Bet Slip: Double-check your selected bet, stake amount, and potential payout on the bet slip. Once satisfied, click “Place Bet” or a similar button to confirm your wager.

  1. Managing Your eSports Bets:

5.1 Monitor Your Bets: Keep track of your active bets and monitor the progress of the eSports events you wagered on.

5.2 Cash Out Options: Depending on the specific circumstances of a match or event, Voj8 Bet may offer a cash-out option, allowing you to secure a portion of your potential winnings before the game’s conclusion. Evaluate the available cash-out options and decide whether to utilize them.

5.3 Set Betting Limits and Responsible Gambling: Voj8 Bet encourages responsible gambling practices. Set betting limits, such as deposit or loss, to ensure you stay within your predetermined budget and gamble responsibly.


Following this instructional guide, you can confidently access Voj8 Bet’s eSports betting options, choose your desired events, understand various betting markets, place bets on the outcomes you predict, and manage your wagers effectively. Remember to stay informed about the rules and regulations of specific eSports events and games, practice responsible gambling, and enjoy the thrilling world of eSports betting on the Voj8 casino platform.